Since 1990 Nina Barbora engaged with Fashion and Beauty (offering comprehensive cosmetology treatment, unique plastic massage; working together with ‘Burda Moden’ womens’ club she introduces ‘The Healing Clothes’ collections decorated with precious metals, gems and minerals). 1996-2004 she runs a Healthy Meal restaurant; Natural Medicine centre and Culture Association of Foreign countries friendship societies. Since 2004 NB is President of International Family Association (The best nominated Leonardo da Vinci European coaching project 2012), a member of Parliamentary Women’s Forum, a candidate for European Parliament in 2009. Since 2007 Director of the British Association of Hirudotherapy (unprecedentedly registered with General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies 2015,, involved in Healthprom Charity for Women in North London. Since 2014 NB works as QC Complementary Medicine doctor-coach in London (, offered working place for 100 people in 25 countries. Since 2016 Nina Barbora is Managing Director of the  Chekhov Community in the UK community group aiming to build  the Theatre, Culture and Health Palace by 2020 ( Nina Barbora likes travelling (visited more than 20 countries); in her spare time NB enjoys creative projects. She is an interesting singer, song writer; her CD ‘With you’ was very warmly welcomed in London 2008 (listen at Nina Barbora is a member of the International Writers and publicists Association APIA master-class. Her three earlier published books of poetry, prominent people & healthy eating already found admirers in 22 countries.

The new erotic Nina Barbora’s novel in Russian language ‘Love A-la Carte: every test of the Eastern – European menu’ will be launched in early 2017 (read at ! NB is loving, caring, inspired; she likes Freedom, Passion and Creativity! In her own projects NB is the motivating team leader, hard & focussed worker, inspiring for others doer.

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